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FECKLESS Tales of Supernatural, Paranormal, and Downright Presumptuous Ilk.

Launched on February 4 2011 it is on sale in print and eBook.


FECKLESS is an amazing quirky collection featuring both established and up and coming authors:

The book's editor and also a contributor, Ellen C. Maze, wrote the incredible Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider, the #1 Customer-Rated horror novel on Amazon Kindle.

Contributor Teric Darken is author of the chilling Christian thriller, K-I-L-L FM100 Music to Die For.

Krisi Keley is the author of the ground-breaking Christian vampire novel On the Soul of a Vampire.  

My story , THIRST, has been included in the collection....a story of enslavement, passion, lust and redemption.....

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and buy some copies!! You will LOVE IT!!!!




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