"Your future is whatever you make it...so make it a good one!!" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Doc Brown, Back to the Future Part III



Please take time to explore each of the links on this page. Over time it will develop into a wealth of goodies for those with an interest in a slightly 'different' perspective on life.

The ancient Greeks believed that creative and artistic people were possessed by the goddess-like Muses....in reality we are often pens in the hand of a greater Mind...

Come and journey with me. I cannot promise that what you find here will be 'normal' or that it will give you a nice feeling inside. I suspect though that like me you are tired of the facades and predictability that come with conformity to fashion and "common opinion."

So I am seeking the authentic and real....and the fun.

Join me...and let's see what we can find.  

 A photo of me enjoying the beautiful beaches of Queensland's Gold Coast in January 2011. Drop me a line if you're going to be in the area!

Stu Loudon is a lawyer, husband, father, slam poet and writer of dark twisted fiction.

In February 2011 his story "THIRST" was published in the anthology "FECKLESS", edited by Ellen C Maze. 

In August 2012 Stu was a Queensland State Finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam.  

In October 2012 Stu entered three of his short stories in the National Short Story Competition organised by THE AGE newspaper.

Stu lives with his family in the Bayside area of Brisbane in the amazing country of Australia.

He retains his lifelong passionate interests in time travel, super heroes, what constitutes true freedom  and delights in humour in all its forms.

Stu wears a convincing veneer of respectability most...some...occasionally...but remains convinced that GEORGE "THE ANIMAL" STEELE was one of the greatest wrestlers that ever lived.

Stu is caring, happy, grumpy, disorganised and inconsistent..but always, in all things passionate....





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