Since my difficult birth nearly ended both my life and that of my mother I have never been conventional.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by this amazing thing called life. From an early age I read widely in areas such as adventure, stories of human achievement, the unexplained, mythology and some areas of psychology.   

As a teenager I was addicted to anything which suggested that there was ‘something more ‘ to life than the everyday. I read Socialist political newspapers, listened to punk music, watched Twilight Zone and the American wrestling..anything I could to seek out the potential excitement that life had to offer. Some of my searching was more fruitful or 'positive' than others!


I researched my family tree and became obsessed with my 'heritage'......I became hesitatingly interested in my beloved grandfather's deep involvement in Freemasonry, though never did join up....


In my final years of school I became engrossed with the study of human societies and cultures. I decided to study Social Work, as it would enable me to pursue my interest in people; how they live, interpret their world and make choices in unique ways. It would also enable me to implement my strong desire to help people improve their lives.

I commenced my University studies at the tender age of seventeen. Becoming a Christian two weeks before my nineteenth birthday significantly changed my perspective, with the result that I took a year’s break from University to reconsider my future. Believing that God is a person, with an incredibly advanced mind and a will, rather than merely a philosophical idea, changed my perspective on life entirely.

Twelve months later I believed the Lord wanted me to complete my degree. I returned to Social Work but found myself challenged by a range of questions. What was life supposed to be about? Obviously service of the Lord God and the maintenance of intimacy with Him through His Son Jesus Christ were paramount. 

I looked at my life. I knew I had much to offer the Lord: a reasonable intelligence, enthusiasm, and passion....yet it  was obvious that I was not fulfilling my potential.  I had to grapple with the other less glamorous aspects of my character...

My enthusiasm, curiosity and keenness tended to make me distractible. I was fascinated by so many things, and often paid interest in far too many things to achieve much in any of them. My belief in my own potential in Christ led me to neglect some of the everyday, basic necessities of life. My time management was poor, I would often put things off extensively, and I struggled between shyness and ‘tryhard’ sociability.

I wasted my money…thinking I could start saving after University

Following University and my marriage at aged 23 to my lovely wife Suzy, I hit reality with a thud and realised there were many life areas in which I needed to improve. I started to work at improving my confidence in my relations with others, my public-speaking skills, my management of time. I gradually learnt not to pay attention to everything that I found interesting, but only those things that were necessary or impor

This is not to say I began to lead a deprived life..,,enjoyment of a silly movie or time with friends has always been an important part of balancing work and play. I still love video games!

As I grew older and began to learn more about people, I realised I was not alone. I realised many people experienced areas of success in their lives, but had other areas which they wanted to develop:

* The seemingly confident professional woman unable to develop a positive romantic relationship with a man;

* The committed Christian unable to determine God’s call on their life
* The gifted person experiencing difficulty expressing themselves assertively with others
* The conscientious worker finding themselves terrified by sweeping changes in their employment setting, and feeling overwhelmed by how they are thus required to adap


My existing passion for helping people in need was transformed. I realised possibly for the first time that each of us are in need in our own way, even when life is going well! I began to explore how the skills, knowledge and competencies I had developed in my work with marginalised and isolated people could be applied to benefit people from all sectors of society.

As a Christian, I was already interested in reflecting what constituted the "life in its fulness" Christ describes. I believed (and still believe) that the Lord had given me particular skill in helping Christians to grow a happier, more effective and more biblically authentic lifestyle.

My search caused me increasing dissatisfaction in my Social Work career and in 2003 I commenced legal studies at Bond University. I completed my degree in 2007 and since December 2008 have been a Solicitor admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Queensland. I amazed my wife's family by not growing horns and a tail in the process!  

So who am I? 

.....well as has always been the case I don't fit into neat little category. Call me

Lawyer/ Attorney, Writer, Slam Poet, Social Worker, Advocate, Father, Husband, Disciple, Minister, Joker, Hypocrite, Serious, Lighthearted, Strange, A Success, a Failure......

or any one of a thousand other labels...which may or not properly fit me...


Or just call me Stu.


I've stood in darkness...

I've been released into the light....

I do not fear the shadows...


I have had these experiences...and been made the way I am to fulfill a purpose.  

My personal mission is to enjoy life, to have positive impact on the world, to serve my God and the people He created. 

(...and to one day meet George "The Animal" Steele)





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