For the movie series of the same name. The movies are interesting and well-made..but miss the whole point of the vampire story...and they misrepresent love. Love is not having someone to take care of you and do everything you want so that you can hide from is a two-way transaction of commitment, give and take...

It is patient and does not rejoice with evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It never fails.

If you disagree...
I’m unimpressed by evil,
By the monsters that we fear,
Though celebration of ghouls and vampires,
Seems to be all that I hear.

Romantic views of darkness,
Obsession portrayed as love,
Neuroses once adolescent,
Are nurtured through the ages above.

Deceit is not romantic,
Predatory self-interest is not pure.
A life spent in selfish indulgence,
Is a curse, not a blessing or cure.

Why adore what is less than human?
Why worship what takes life and destroys?
When far greater than human is the Lord Jesus Christ,
Who gives life, and to love us, enjoys.

Enjoy what are movies, mere fiction,
Be entertained and delight in the story,
But beyond that, why make it into something it’s not
Or give a creation your adoration and glory?

Why as humans do we worship mere creatures?
Or adore what is not even real?
We’re commanded to worship the One True God alone,
Guided by truth, not by what we feel.