I actually wrote this one in a time of great frustration and discouragement. I was working in a bureaucratic organsation characterised by insincerity and game-playing. The Team Leader preferred to raise issues by email even though our offices were no more than 10 metres apart.

I like this poem....it is a call to action, to uncomfortable truthfulness and backbone. 
Unlike 'inspirational' poems it is based very solidly in the real world..and in a better world waiting to be born.

Just imagine for a second
That we were honest with each other
And we said without hesitation how we feel
Unafraid to be authentic
Not hiding behind pretensions
Saying, doing and being that which is real

Could we stand to let our Selves
See the blazing light of day
Unprotected by the images we portray
Of who and what we’d like to be
To impress those around that see
Images that are little more than clay

Would this honesty leave us weak
Or would it give us what we seek
Promoting closer ties with those around
The sensitivities we possess
No longer seen as some weakness
But giving insight into humanity’s common ground

Would it scare me if I knew you
Or frighten you if you could see
The aspects that give me my life and being?
Or would the natural genuine way
We self-expressed at work and play
Be experienced as something beautiful and freeing?

Just imagine for a second
We banished harshness from our tongues
And simply said directly how we felt
Reconciling with those we’d fought
Speaking words with greater thought
Discouragement and cold bitterness to melt

Just imagine that a man
Put his heart into a poem
Seeing ways in which he was in need of striving
Hoping that these words, when read
Would transform others’ hearts and head
With a thirst to be more human, not just surviving.