I dearly love humanity...but my people are so lost.
We do so much of what we know is wrong, or is wrong for us.
At a certain stage, warnings must be replaced by consequences.
I wrote this from the perspective of the one true God.
The Bible says that Messiah will come soon to judge and cleanse the universe.
Will we each be ready? 

I watch you
Delighting in your disobedience.
Your defiance.
Your evil.
Your excesses wound and grieve you
For which you heap abuse on Me.

I did not make you to live like this,
To wallow in a septic-tank of self-obsession.
I showed you how to live,
To avoid the suffering and heartache that perversion brings.
You were not designed to live as you are
So keen to do.
You struggle against your programming, and make
excuses for the damage you cause
You wound yourself.
You wound others.
You damage yourself, your loved ones.
Your children.
I cry with compassion at your suffering.
I gaze with anger at your defiance.
You have closed your ears to reason.
Every action has a reaction.
Every choice a consequence.
Let the outpouring begin.